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Discover the world of the Geomo 011 collection

Geomo 011


amount / package: 40 piece

weight / package: 12 kg


106 piece / square meter


1 piece: 0,3 kg

1 m²: 31,8 kg


material: fine concrete 

method: industrial - artisan


Available with two types of impregnator.

For more information please download the technical sheet. 


Available in every color of our palette.

For more information please visit the color page on the website.

Crystallized beauty

Gemstones are one of the earliest and most astonishing objects of wonder. We have been fascinated by the art of lapidary, the act of shaping minerals into man-made forms.

A thousand shades of reflection

Geomo 011 is the smallest yet most detailed piece of our collection. The perfectly angled facets are guaranteed to give the wall a vibrant, glimmering look. Geomo 011 is simply a feast for the eyes.

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