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Discover the world of the Geomo 026 collection

Geomo 026

Stunning yet refined

Clamo 026 was inspired by the eternal and elemental form of architecture, the arch. It is the most beautiful example of man-made shapes and we have redefined it to a new level of beauty.

Clamo 026 cavaril tile
Mesmerizing details

Just stand and contemplate. The richness of the details make the Clamo 026 so stunning and mesmerizing. We can dive into the form for a long time and always explore a new aspect of this tile, as we do with a sculpture on a historical building.

Clamo 026 cavaril tile

The two pieces of the Clamo 026 allow us to explore infinite variations. The interior will be unique and outstanding. 



amount / package: 8 pieces

weight / package: 12.8 kg


26 pieces / square meter


1 piece: 1.6 kg

1 m²: 41.6 kg


material: fine concrete 

method: industrial - artisan


Available with two types of impregnator sealer.

For more information please download the technical sheet. 


Available in every colour of our palette.

For more information please visit our colour page.

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