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Reinventing the concept of the Tile

Cavari1 has reinvented the concept of the Tile - a tile is no longer just a building material, but a piece of art, with colours and patterns you have never seen before. Cavari1 is about stunning patterns and beautiful colours, resulting in artistic, sculptural pieces. 




Cavari1 was born in Szombathely, one of the oldest cities in Hungary influenced by both western and ancient cultures due to its geographical positioning and ancient architectural remains from the Roman age, making heritage and timeless design part of Cavaril’s nature.




Whatever interior Cavaril becomes part of; modern, less contemporary, or future interior styles, it blends in perfectly and creates timeless, unique atmospheres. 

Cavaril embraces and nurtures its inspiration from NATURE, CLASSICAL ARCHITECTURE and GEOMETRY - the eternal motives of mankind - creating unique styles that can last for more than a lifetime.  


Passion & Love


The red coloured logo transmits passion & love. Cavaril tiles are “love products” made by passion from the very beginning: starting from the inspirational phase through the designing and manufacturing process, until its packaging. This is how the cold, characterless concrete is transformed into a warm surrounding with a strong personality, creating unique atmospheres. 


Artisan techniques and precision


Artisan techniques paired with industrial precision, coupled with a fine concrete recipe helped Cavaril to create astonishingly smooth surfaces. Design is centered around quality and beauty in every detail, with the purpose to astonish and create timeless interior and refined atmospheres. 




Responsibility and sustainability is deeply rooted in Cavaril’s identity. Using regional raw materials, engaging into a zero-waste production, utilizing eco-friendly packaging are only some examples. Tiles are handmade and are quality checked one by one, based on Cavaril’s highest quality standards. 


Cavaril tiles were also examined, tested and certified according to the European Standards, approving both internal and external usage. /ÉMI Non-Profit Limited Liability Company for Quality Control and Innovation in Building/


A timeless form of beauty.

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