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Discover the world of the Clamo 042 collection

Clamo 042

Beauty of fluting

The Clamo 042 is dignifying and sophisticated like an antique building. It is evoking one of the most beautiful elements of classical architecture, the rhythm of fluting, in a contemporary form. It is not ostentatious, or loud, but calm and elegant.

Play with 
the rythm

The slant edges and trims of the linear tiles give an unusual and

unique rhythm to the pattern. You can make infinite variations with the use of the slant contours of the tile.


amount / package: 15 pieces

weight / package: 9 kg


52 pieces / square meter


1 piece: 0.6 kg

1 m²: 31.2 kg


material: fine concrete 

method: industrial - artisan


Available with two types of impregnator sealer.

For more information please download the technical sheet. 


Available in every colour of our palette.

For more information please visit our colour page.

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