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Discover the world of the Natumo 021 collection

Natumo 021

Light and shadow

The ever-changing sunlight makes this delightful tile outstanding. The unique and contemporary look, and the overall rhythm of the wall is created by the triangles’ play of light and shadow. 

Solid flora

The Natumo 021 celebrates the nature collection's form language. With a minimalistic yet rich look, the design and proportions reflect the unmistakeable style of a cavaril tile.


amount / package: 12 pieces

weight / package: 6.6kg


59 pieces / square meter


1 piece: 0.55 kg

1 m²: 32.45 kg


material: fine concrete 

method: industrial - artisan


Available with two types of impregnator sealer.

For more information please download the technical sheet. 


Available in every colour of our palette.

For more information please visit our colour page.

New surface available

We offer this tile with a brand new surface to make its form more detailed and rich. The delicate reeds remind us of the details of a tropical leaf.

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