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Discover the world of the Clamo 048 collection

Clamo 048

Calm aesthetic

The cleanest and most authentic form of the fluting is represented on the Clamo 048 tiles. Charismatic and distinguished, and at the same time providing a calm and elegant backdrop to your life.

Beauty in
the details

Take a closer look and you can find the delicate details of this timeless piece of our classic collection. The tactile shape is inviting us to touch and feel the  smooth concrete surface.


amount / package: 8 pieces

weight / package: 9,6 kg


26 pieces / square meter


1 piece: 1.2 kg

1 m²: 31.2 kg


material: fine concrete 

method: industrial - artisan


Available with two types of impregnator sealer.

For more information please download the technical sheet. 


Available in every colour of our palette.

For more information please visit our colour page.

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